A Day Trip To Koh Phi Phi

The moment we reached Krabi we were already in love with the town,the people and the beach. According to our plan 2nd day was the day we reserved for  Phi Phi island day trip.This was our first trip to Krabi so we did lot of research about the place.we shortlisted some tour operators but we didn’t book in advance. After reaching Krabi we realized there are so many tour operators every where in the market and at Ao nang beach.We checked couple of option and we  booked one for the next day,It cost us 1500Baht per Person and the tour Itinerary was as follows

Trip itinerary for Phi Phi island tour by Speed Boat

* Round trip hotel transfer
* Lunch on tours, fresh fruit, soft drink, snack
* English speaking guide, life jacket, mask, snorkel
* Travel  insurance/ Accident insurance

This is one of the most popular krabi tour and let me add some more Geeky details if you are interested. 
The Phi Phi Islands are the best known of the Andaman Islands. The Islands started off as the main Andaman destination on the travelers trail more then 30 years ago. In those days the Island really was just a few bamboo huts on the beach. Then of course the 2000  film "The Beach" was filmed there which gave the Islands incredible world wide exposure and opened them up as one of the world's most desirable holiday destinations.

Our Krabi speed boat tour to Phi Phi Islands was a perfect combination of exhilaration and relaxation. Speed across the Andaman Sea and then we  spend the day snorkeling and sightseeing.
Our Day started at 8:00 with our tour guide John screaming at us “YOU ARE 5 MIN LATE !!” we immediately loved his energy and that very moment we know that today is going to be a great day.Around 9 Am we left krabi,John told us before getting on the boat..” Clean the sand in your shoe because if you carry sand to the boat then the  Viking might follow us…hahaha”

It took us around 20 minute to reach our Firs Destination Bamboo Island .there was no bamboo though. 30min stop to enjoy the beauty of the island.Crystal clear water and sunny sky was so wonderful we were not feeling like leaving this Island

Our next stop was Hin Klarng to do some open sea snorkeling .the first thing we noiced here is water is so so clear that we culd see the bottom of the ocean.

It was about 30 min stop here then we reached Phi Phi Don enjoy lunch at restaurant on the beach and relaxing

Phi Phi Don

The lunch was combination of Thai and Chinese food which is not maybe as good as we expected.This is the only place has got toilets so ..
Then after the lunch we spend some time on the beach relaxing while enjoying the beauty of this wonderful Island, but our tour guide John started screaming "Get on the boat EVERYBODY"
Sometime it was irritating but again you feel safe in water with them

TIPS: Always carry a Sunscreen Lotion and a towel with you.. You will need it 

We started our journey and our first and our next stop was Monkey Island which was close by it was just a viewpoint which mean you dont get down at the Island but you can say hi to our ancestors... The Monkeys 

Next stop was 20 min and one hell of a adrenalin filled ride away from ecstasy... The Maya Bay AKA Koh Phi Phi Leh or Ko Phi Phi Ley (Thaiเกาะพีพีเล) The moment the boat took a left and we saw the Island for the first time we were blown away by the beauty. We have never ever seen something like this before. We jumped from the boat and we screamed "Woooohoooooo" ... The sand, the water, the fresh air it literally unexplainable... we took a moment standing in knee deep crystal clear water and then a plunge .I can guarantee for at least once you will think, let’s stay here forever.
Maya Bay

Maya Bay is popular for diving, and has become even more popular after the 2000 movie The Beach was filmed there.
We were feeling sad leaving the Island but we had no idea what next. after 15 min John asked " you people like to snorkel or to swim " In his Thai accent, the vote was 49:51.. And I heard some guy  said Sky Diving.. Everyone Laughed. Then john suggested how about a place where you can do swim and snorkel both ..We agreed... The place is called Losama Bay.. Then the boat took a turn to a place which looks like this

Losama Bay

We all screamed "Woooohooooo" the water looks so clear that you feel like drinking it.
I am not a very good swimmer but my wife, she is like a mermaid, never want to come out of water. Immediately we jumped in to the water and again it was bliss. We spend 30 min here. I tried the underwater walk but the Corals were so sharp I cut my feet while walking.. Thank God they have good First Aid kit on the boat itself.
We almost reached at the end of our journey and we were like dead tired. Then we moved toward our last spot which was Viking cave .The cave is filled with striking, uninhabited beauty. But now it was told that nobody is allowed inside of the cave.

Now this was the last part of our Journey, Heading back to naopatra beach from where we started which was 30 hr ride from Viking cave. This Phi Phi Island trip is a must visit if you are visiting Krabi or Phuket.
We returned to the hotel with A day we will always remember, A day which will be in our memory forever...

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