Top 5 item you should never miss on a Beach Holiday

Beach Holidays are always fun adventures and refreshing.One thing you want to make sure that you want to enjoy the trip to the fullest.It is obvious that you need to carry your essential item such as your Clothing,some medicines,essential gadgets and toiletries.However ,you need to carry specific things for specific types of vacations.

we are listing here top 5 Essential item what we think you should never forget when you go to a beach holiday. 

1. Swimsuit: When you go to a beach holiday ofcourse you planned some activities during this holidays such as surfing,swimming, sunbathing, diving.The most essential item to do all of these activities is a will need different types of swimsuit for all these activities and pick one where you feel most comfortable.And this applies for both Men and Women

2. Footwear: Even though some people like to walk on the sand barefoot,it is important that you always carry a pair on sandal. 

3. Sunscreen Lotion: This is probably the most important itemyou can bring along to your beach holiday.Always choose the one which is high SPF and water proof because while on the beach the water the sand magnifies the effect of keep a sunblock lotion handy in your beach holiday to avoid sunburn risks.

4. Water bottle: Stay hydrate always while on the beach.The sun keeps on dehydrating you and the amount of water stored in your body drains out as sweat but you don't realize it in the water so always carry a water bottle to stay hydrate.

5.Towel: Carry a towel in you beach bag you will need it to dry your hair temporarily or your wet body when you come out of water and you can cover up your body with that towel if the heat is too much 

So stay healthy and fit in your next beach holiday.