The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Bangkok Travelling

If you are wondering how you are gonna travel in Bangkok during your few days stay and you are thinking should I rent a cab for the whole Day or should I take bus or should I travel in Tuktuk Etc... Then I have one perfect solution which will make your stay in Bankok fun and relaxed..

Its the Bangkok Sky Train..or The Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known as theBTS or the Skytrain (Thaiรถไฟฟ้า rot fai fa), is an elevated rapid transit system in Bangkok. BTS, an uplifted rapid transit system that includes of 34 stations, runs both north and east with two lines operating daily. 

                                                                      BTS Skytrain

Where ever you are staying in Bangkok sky train will make your life easier. Most of the famous Tourist spots in Bangkok is well connected with this skytrain. All the Temples,Chatuchak Market, Indira Market,China Town, Floating Market, Soy Cowboy and other shopping centers and the various important business centers.

As of you plan on doing several journeys on a particular day, a one day travel pass costing 130 baht is your best bet. Otherwise, since you are spending 9 or 10 days in Bangkok a stored value card will be a good option. It will save you the waiting time to buy tickets and possibly even more time having to queue for change.

The are few options while buying a pass.Here are some example which i found very convenient for tourists

MRT Ticket Machine

One Day Pass

  1.  Valid for unlimited rides on date of issue or registration only.
  2.  Non-refundable
  3.  Available at all BTS Ticket Offices.

30 Day Adult Smart Pass

  • 50 trips, 1,000 Baht (20 Baht per trip)
  • Trip on passes valid for 30 days
  • Unlimited travel distance for number of trips specified
  • Passes should be used within 45 days from date of issue or trips refilled, after which any remaining trips be automatically cancelled. New trips must then be added to validate a pass for further travel.
So next time you are in Bangkok don't forget to try this mode of travelling. You are going to love it.. 

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